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Name Catherine (Katarina) ECKER, 5G Grandmother
Birth 13 Mar 1761, Schoharie, NY
Birth Memo 13 Mar 1761??
Death 15 Feb 1820, Osnabruck Township, Ontario Canada
Father Peter ECKER (~1730-)
Mother Marie Elisabeth RICKERT (1734-)
1 Frederick B.R. SHAVER, 5G Grandfather
Birth 14 Aug 1760, Schoharie, NY
Death 26 Aug 1818, Osnabruck Township, Ontario Canada
Father Johannes SCHAFER
Mother Anna Gertrude STARING (~1717-1767)
Children: Hannah (Anna) (1787-1853)
Peter (1786-1862)
Eve (1797-1888)
Jacob (1814-1877)
Sarah (1788-)
John Frederick (1784-)
Nicholas (1800-)
Mary Elisabeth (1790-)
Notes for Frederick B.R. (Spouse 1)
My files show my Shaver (Schafer/Schaffer/Schaeffers) family were Palatines of south west Germany. Queen Anne of England, touched by their poor conditions due to wars, offered them aid in getting to England. So many poured into England that other arrangements had to be made. While enroute to England from Germany, many of the refugees,migrating along the Rhine River stayed in Holland for a time to rest thus the reason for some to be said to be Holland Dutch. In 1790 many were transported to the Mohawk Valley along the Schoarie River in N.Y. The settlers around Schoharie were known (incorrectly) as Deutscher (German). The Shavers came to Ontario (Dundas and Stormont) as United Empire Loyalists, all had large families and Shaver is a very common name in that area. source is Ruth Anderson
His tombstone shows he was a Private in Butler's Rangers from 1778-1784.

Information Source: L.L.C.
res: Schoharie NY and Lot 6 Concession 4 Osnabruck, Ontario
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