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Name Adam (elder) RUPERT, 5G Grandfather
Birth Schoharie Valley, NY
Birth Memo bef 1743
Death 1790
1 Barbara, 5G Grandmother
Death Ontario, Canada
Children: Adam(the younger) (1775-1826)
Petrus(other Peter 2,Peter the younger)
Peter or Pador,the elder (1763-1845)
John (Johanes)
Francis (Fritz)
Koonrod (Conrad)

Immigrated into North America in 1750

July 1, 1760, under the 3 July 1759 Naturalization of Francis and Adam Ruppert in Albany, NY.
Laws of the Colony of New York, chapter 1089. As indexed in the book:
Kenneth Scott and Kenn Stryker-Rodda. Denizations, Naturalizations, and Oaths of
Allegiance in Colonial New York. (Baltimore: 1975). 

"Palatines to America" passengers list !
The father Adam Rupert, as well as sons Peter Junior and John3 were not found on any
military list, but they came to Osnabruck in 1786 and were given land by the Lunenburg
Land Board as Loyalist.4
 Adam Rupert, the father received 500
acres, while sons Francis, Peter, Peter and John each received 100 acres in Osnabruck, in addition to the
100 acres that Francis and Peter had received in Charlottenburg township in 1784.

Aug 25, 1786
Adam Rupert is listed in a book -Early Ontario Settlers, in the Provisioning list for
Osnabruck 1786. The book states that he had a wife and 3 boys over 10 years of age as
well as 3 girls over 10 years of age. Above Adam’s name were listed a Francis Ruport,
Hans Ruport, and a John Rupert. The book also has a Provisioning list for Cornwall 1786
that lists a Francis Ruport and Peter Ruport.
circa 1790: Death of Adam Rupert of Osnabruck, father of Francis, Pader,
Peter, John, Adam and Conrad Rupert of Osnabruck.
Archives of Ontario. RG 40-5. Second Heir and Devisee Commission.
Microfilm 657 reel 67. File number 40-3611. Statement of Adam Rupert of
Osnabruck about his father Adam dying intestate about 1790 and Francis
being the eldest son and heir at law.

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