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Name Adam RUPERT, GGGG Grandfather
Birth 1775, Schoharie Valley, NY
Death between 1852 and 1861
Father Adam (elder) RUPERT (bef 1743-1790)
Mother Barbara Rupert
1 Hannah (Anna) SHAVER, GGGG Grandmother
Birth 1787, Schoharie Valley, New York, U.S.A
Death 1853, Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada
Father Frederick B.R. SHAVER (1760-1818)
Mother Catherine (Katarina) ECKER (1761-1820)
Children: Levi (1806-)
George W. (1807-1894)
Frederick Hiram (1814-1878)
Amelia Ann (1814-1883)
Caroline (1819-1904)
Catherine (1819-)
William A (1823-1905)
Barbara Ann (1823-1910)
Anne (~1820-)
Notes for Adam RUPERT
Father was Discharged from the British Army 1784
King Royal Rangers New York.
RESIDENCE: Lived: Mc Niff map 1786 - 1/2 Lot 16, 3rd Concession, Osnabruck Twp., Stormont Co., Ontario
Adam Rupert, born circa 1775, married Hannah Shaver. Adam died before the 1861 census.
In 1830, Adam stated that he was a son of the original nominee, Old Adam Rupert, and that his brother, Francis, was the eldest son of his father.
Adam Rupert, the Loyalist who came to Osnabruck was probably either the son or the brother of this Franz Rupert. He had four children baptized in Mohawk Valley parish registers, but Adam and his wife had at least 6 sons and 3 daughters. In addition, a John Rupert and a George Rupert also appear in the Johnson papers and in parish registers of the Mohawk Valley. Like many families from Johnstown, who were tenants of Sir William Johnson, the Ruperts found themselves affected by the Revolution and when it was time to make choices., they usually chose Loyalty over Rebellion. Francis and Peter Rupert, aged 21 and 19, born in America, appear on the Roll of Captain Anderson’s company of KRRNY.2 They later appear on land records in Charlottenburg and Osnabruck Township.
Notes for Hannah (Anna) (Spouse 1)
Some records indicate b. 11 Jul 1784
BAPTISM: Recorded: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY. Parents: "Friederich Schaffer,
Catharina". Sponsors: "Johannes Schaffer and wife".
The 1851 census of Osnabruck has 3 Adam Rupert:
Adam Rupert, aged 77 married to Hannah who is the uncle of the other two. (This Adam)
Adam F. Rupert aged 57 married to Polly, who is the son of Francis. (Francis is brother of this Adam)
Adam Rupert, aged 45 married to Dorothy, who is the son of Pader (Pader is the brother of this Adam)
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