RUPERT and DUDLEY Family Genealogy.

Years ago I was interested in genealogy. Not just mine but the historical aspect of families and their migration.  Researching my own family just gave it a little extra meaning and context.

The farther back one goes, there is an obvious effort in redundancy so it goes without saying that when I traced back to my GGGGGG Grandmother and Grandfather, many others had hit the same road blocks.  Nonetheless, it was an exciting ride.

It was a couple decades when I was active with my research.  Back then (here we go) it consisted of many hours at the public library going through microfiche finding crumbs in census that would lead be back another ten years to the previous census and so on.

I encountered a 2nd cousin once-removed that has also been working on the JENKINS and MUFFORD part of the tree. He lived in Orlando so of course that was exciting.

The computer program I used to document my research was Sierra Family Tree.  It was a program that ran on Windows 3.1. It was in format GEDCOM 5.2.

The web pages that were created with that program are visible and searchable on this site.

Most work was done with Sierra Generations (Windows) but I can no longer run the program in any compatibility mode and the GEDCOM standard is now 5.5.  This means that if I was not successful in finding a conversion program.

I have however (May 2019) found a program that will import most of the data however it will not generate web pages. The research for a solution continues.

For a stint in the last couple years, I used Ancestry.com. You may find the RUPERT tree there but I could not rationalize $198 a year for what has become a scant hobby.

The goal of this site is to share what I have so that if there is anyone else interested in any of the research that I have completed, they can see it.

Happy Hunting