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Finally Getting around to this site

This site is primarily intended to be for Genealogy of Rupert and Dudley families.  I used old software to publish the content and since that software company went out of business, I have very old pages. Mostly I have have the content transposed in Ancestry.com however there are many useful notes in my old pages here on the site that are still of value.  I plan to figure something out soon.

Listing Site Updates

Under one of these subheadings, it's a good idea to list recent updates to my site so that visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first. For example, I could list the date and a brief description of the update.

I could also list updated news about my site's topic. For example, if my site were about a particular sport, I could discuss the outcome of a recent competition.

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements

Another idea for my home page's text is notifying visitors about the enhancements I put on my site. For example, I want visitors to sign my guestbook or fill out my survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about my site, my business, or my site's topic.

I plan on hosting old family stuff here too.

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Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

Even if I don't put much text on my home page, it's a good idea to include hidden tools that will help me promote my site, so people other than my friends and family actually see it. For example, I could add meta tags, which are hidden codes that allow search engines to find my site. I could also install stats and a counter so I know how many people are visiting. If not many are visiting, submitting my site to search engines will guide more traffic to my site.